VARIOUS “Now That’s What WE Call Music” SD comp tape
This was our first compilation tape, released early 1988...
1.  Red Letter Day - ... Human Race
2.  Red London - Calling Out The Cavalry
3.  Nox Mortis - Time To Change
4.  In The Red - On Any Other Day
5.  Mega City 4 - Things I Never Said
6.  3 Blind Drunks - Shame
7.  Last Rough Cause - Time To Think
8.  Corporate Grave - Have Some Fun
9.  Suspect Device - Silence Ain’t No Virtue
10. 3 Blind Drunks - Lords On Safari
11. Instigators - Eye To Eye
12. In The Red - Gotta Gettaway
13. Red London - 48 Reasons
14. The Stand - Rip It Up
15. Nox Mortis - Mary Downe
16. Perfect Daze - No Business Like Mine

VARIOUS “Life On Earth” SD comp tape
Our second comp tape; coming out in 1990, it was a benefit for Greenpeace.
1.  The Abs - Grease Your Ralf
2.  The Sect - Shades
3.  The Magnificent - I Suspect
4.  Five Star Rock n Roll Petrol - Johnny Johnny
5.  Refugees - Ode To An Upstart
6.  Foreign Legion - Eyes In The Night
7.  Guitar Gangsters - Everybody Wants To Be My Friend
8.  Rout Inc. - I Know More
9.  Culture Shock - Catching Flies
10. Identity - Cut You Down
11. The Park - Fatal Generation
12. Rout Inc. - Siberia
13. Refugees - Scotland The Grave
14. Foreign Legion - Communicate
15. Guitar Gangsters - Gotta Get Out Of Here
                                                       16. The Sect - Underground Rocker
                                                       17. The Abs - The Bible Didn’t Rhyme
                                                       18. The Magnificent - Get Out Of The Way
                                                       19. Identity - I know You’re There
                                                       20. Red London - Shades Of 34
                                                       21. Culture Shock - Pressure
                                                       22. The Four Guns - Revenge...

VARIOUS “Shouting Music” SD comp tape
Our fourth comp tape; coming out in  April 1991. The title was chosen because that was what my young niece called the music we listened to. Thanks again to Rut.
1.  intro
2.  BBMFs - E.R. Pinkus
3.  Rhythm Collision - A Look Away
4.  Flame On - Third World Dream
5.  Older Than Dirt - We Still Care
6.  Sleep - Running On The Spot
7.  Herb Garden - Wet Dream
8.  Haywire - State Of Emergency
9.  Couch Potatoes - Tired
10. The Abs - Clinkers In My Cleft (live)
11. Goober Patrol - I Think It’s Time (live)
12. Goober Patrol - Shadows & Reflections (live)
13. Sleep - Back To Square One Again
14. Rhythm Collision - Color Blind
                                                  15. BBMFs - Pant Mosh
                                                  16. Haywire - Freedom
                                                  17. Flame On - What You Said
                                                  18. Older Than Dirt - All Or Nothing
                                                  19. Herb Garden - Shit On Me
                                                  20. Walls For Effect - The Firing Line
                                                  21. The Abs - Indeeterpoo (live)
                                                  22. outro 1
                                                  23. outro 2

THIRST! “Recognition” 
THIRST! were formed by Steve Burgess (guitar), Shaun Hemsley (vocals) and Tony Suspect (drums), with early practises featuring Shane from Mad Thatchers on bass. Shaun and Shane left early on and the line up was completed by Rob Callen and Jon Fry on bass and vocals respectively (although Shaun did vocals on the track “Friend” for the EP). Soon after the recording of the demo Steve sadly died, and after much debate the band carried on, recruiting Phil Beevers to play bass, with Rob moving to guitar. This line-up recorded the A side of the “Friend” EP (released on SD Records in March 1994) and the Dag Nasty cover. “Recognition” has everything THIRST! recorded.

Tracks 1 to 5 are from the “Friend” 7”EP (tracks 3 and 4 were taken from the demo).
Tracks 6 to 10 are the other tracks that made up the “Milan Derby” demo, recorded in November 1993.
Track 11 was featured on the Dag Nasty tribute CD “Her Head’s On Fire”, released on Foolsday/Battle Records in 1995.


J CHURCH / WAT TYLER “Tour” split EP
Our second split featuring these two bands. There were only 500 pressed and it was rushed out to coincide with their UK tour in the autumn of 1997. To keep costs down we took up the pressing plant’s offer of the free unused sleeves from a single by rubbish UK indie band Menswear. Each copy had individually written out stickers on them; as well as Gaz and me we roped in Sarah as well as my sister and even my niece and nephew to get all the stickers written out and stuck on in time. Of course this sold out on the tour and we have been asked about it several times over the years. Well, here it is.

J Church
1. Alone When She Dies /  2. Crop Circles
Wat Tyler
1. Go Buddy Go / 2. Freebird


Our 4th release, from 1996. Travis Cut’s melodic greatness coupled with Spithead’s punky ska made for an interesting release, and one I still like to this day.

Travis Cut
1. Mork & Mindy / 2. Blister In The Sun
1. Porky / 2. Some People Want Shooting

This EP was originally released in 1997 and featured two great UK bands; Scotland’s External Menace and Rectify from Wales. Gaz Suspect was the man responsible for putting this one together, pretty much single handedly. It proved to be one of the best releases we ever did, and also one of our best sellers.

External Menace 1. This Country

Rectify 1. Virtual Reality / 2. Their Demise

INTENT “Posi-Pit Crew”
This is pretty much everything Intent recorded; both releases that SD was involved with, plus their debut CD that they put out themselves.

Tracks 1 to 15 are from the “Double Positive” CD that SD released in 2004.

Tracks 16 to 24 are from the “Make Your Own Luck” CDR that was given away with SD46.6 at Xmas 2005
Tracks 24 to 30 are from their self released “Everyday” CD from 2002.

CHOKEWORD “A World Of Our Creation”
Chokeword were formed by Mike Fox (guitar), Tony Suspect (drums), Phil Hedges (bass) and Dan Roberson (vocals). A demo was recorded just before the first gig, which we decided to release as a 7”EP. Another demo was recorded a little later but never released. “A World Of Our Creation” was a CDR we put out in 2005 compiling the EP, the unreleased demo and a live set recorded through the mixing desk at The Joiners in Southampton.
Tracks 1 to 6 were released as the “D.I.Y” 7” on SD Records in 1999.
Tracks 7 to 10 unreleased demo recorded in 2000.
Tracks 11 to 23 recorded live at The Joiners on 20/10/2000.

Originally released in 1999 and featuring another two great UK bands, both big favourites for us at the time. This sold out of the initial 500 pressing pretty quickly, but for some reason we didn’t do a re-press.

The Tone
1. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It / 2. Don’t You Just Know It.
1. HIt The Bottle / 2. Little Things

VARIOUS “Knowledge Is Power”
A comp CDR we gave away with the SD37. The cover art was painted by our friend Dan Roberson. Check out Dan’s art at
1.  Imbalance - Radical Approach?
2.  Jumpin’ Land Mines - Rhythm Incision
3.  Portiswood - Breaking Down The Walls
4.  Four Letter Word - White Collar Worker
5.  DC-9 - No One Takes It As A Choice
6.  Rhythm Collision - Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda
7.  Smog UK - Resolution
8.  Knallkopf - Alice In Wonderland
9.  Red Letter Day - Auto Erotica
10. Annalise - Next Step Nowhere
11. Parade Of Enemies - Just Cos You Throw Water At It Doesn’t Mean To Say It’s Clean!
12. Zero Tolerance - Self Destruct
13. Wat Tyler - Forensic Scientist
                                                        14. Brambilla - Klax
                                                        15. External Menace - Detonate Your Hate
                                                        16. Chokeword - Justice For Mark Barnsley
                                                        17. Humans The Size Of Microphones - Dying For An Audience
                                                        18. The Good Time Charlies - Rock n Roll Clone
                                                        19. John Henry Holiday - Music Lover
                                                        20. MiDlifeCrisis - Young ‘til I Die


VARIOUS “Knowledge Is Power 2”
This was the second of the comp CDRs we gave away with the zine; this one came with SD38.
1.  Pilger  - Root Causes
2.  Speedwell - Calling On Columbia Pike
3.  Solea - See Me Now
4.  Net Weight - Vacio Ya!
5.  Endstand - Driven
6.  The Horror - You’re In The Wrong Job
7.  24H Hell - All I Got
8.  Stegel - Mister Fight Boy
9.  Cross Tide - Scott’s Song
10. One Last Thing - Step 2
11. Chamberlain - Lovely & Alone
                                                      12. Mallorkaos - Falso Compromiso
                                                      13. Les Dipsomanes - Vie d’Ordure
                                                      14. Dead Inside - Smashed

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