More news from Engineer records who are about to release the Moonraker and Neckscars split album. The release date is 20th October, and it's also being released on Bypolar Records and Sell the Heart Records. 

Both bands have shared one of their songs from the upcoming split along with music videos through New Noise Magazine here: 

You can read more here: ENGINEER Records


Engineer Records have signed a great new band called Minor Planets to the label for a six track EP we have coming out soon on CD, entitled ‘Neverending Days’.

The video / digi single is 'Sunsets and Sunrises' (The video is here: Sunsets & Sunrises)

'Sunsets and Sunrises' is a song of summer days and making the most of life.
Taken from the forthcoming CD EP 'Neverending Days' out this autumn on Engineer Records and Deal With Hate Records.
Minor Planets hail from sunny Barcelona and play their own style of Get Up Kids influenced melodic rock.
‘Neverending Days’ is the first EP by the Barcelona band Minor Planets. This work, consisting of six songs, blends melodic rock with the punk rock roots that have accompanied its members for almost two decades.

The songs talk about everyday themes that have concerned us all at some point, always seen through the lens of experience, such as the loss of someone important in our lives, labour exploitation and the wildest capitalism, the passage of time and aging, as well as the toxicity and sectarianism that sometimes take hold of certain alternative music scenes in big cities, where what begins as an altruistic and egalitarian proposition ends up becoming an elitist and exclusive space.

The EP was recorded and produced during the month of February 2023 at El Turonet studio with Claudi Arimany, and  mastered by Mario PatiƱo at La Atlantida Studio.

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