Sunday, December 5, 2021

New Rose

 SD#66 is now out. Postpaid price is £4 (friend/familyPaypal payment to featuring Las Ratapunks, Chris Wheelie Willshire, Disstraxx, Slalom D, Rich Levene and a discussion on the 7Seconds 'The Crew' re-issue.

We also have a special issue in the first 100 or so copies of the fantastic new Anthrax album 'Serfs Out'. See their BANDCAMP page for more details.

New reviews and a column entry have ben added too.

Don't forget the Abrazos/Brain Anguish 'We're Still Angry All The Time' split 7" is out, £7 postpaid (same payment address as above).

The Abrazos album, 'Nothing Gets Changes By Being Polite' is at the pressing plant, everything has been approved, we're just waiting.... Same with the √Ąttestor album that we have contributed to, hopefully that will be out soon.