URKO - The EPs & LP:
Urko Split 12” with Minute Manifesto: Regarded by many as the definitive Urko set. Sadly released on Enslaved in the very early 00s just after bass player Jas Toomer passed away. A Fenpunk classic.
Urko Split 7” with Chineapple Punx: First ape violence vinyl outing for Urko on Inflammable Material. Contains the live favourite “Fuck Your Shit”.
Urko “Prime Hate” Split 7” with Suffer: Second vinyl outing for the Urks, this time on Nick Loaring’s Enslaved label. Prime Hate:primate. Apes and a Youth of Today cover.
Urko “Thrash It Up” 7”: Last outing as a four piece with Daz on vocals. Three tracks on another Inflammable Material release.
Urko Split 7” with Active Minds: Slimmed down to a three piece and released with the first issue of Northern Ireland fanzine “Direct Hit”. A small amount came on clear vinyl don’t you know?
Urko "Fast3ChordHardcoreMotherFuckingThrashCrustPunkShit" 7”: Released on US label Disintegration Records by Jay Unidos of Urban Guerilla zine. Copies found their way to the UK in 2000. Probably the best of the lot.

URKO - The Demos:
Urko - Demo 1: Recorded deep in the fens in 1996. Proper brutal 90s crust punk.
Urko - Demo 2 “Pissing Blood”: Recorded in 1997 and sees Urko getting faster, harsher and more brutal.
Urko – Demo 3 “Prepared For Helter Skelter”: recorded in 1998. Three of these five songs went on to make up the “Thrash It Up” EP.


URKO - The Rest:
UGZ CD Compilation Track: Along with a host of US crust and anarcho bands, Urko and Los Cunos Electricas, both appeared on this CD comp that came with the Bay Area zine Urban Guerilla.
Also: The Piss Tank Twat and Los Cunos Electricas demos.


PILGER - Work Ethics
This features all the Pilger songs that weren’t on the CD version of the “Begging For A Silver Lining“ album.
Pilger were: Phil Hedges vocals, Kevin Borrett bass, Mike Fox guitar and Tony Suspect drums. Neil Clelland played guitar on track 23.

Tracks 1 to 16 originally released as the “Silence” CD on soutHCoast records
Tracks 17 to 21 are from the “Dirty Half Dozen” comp CD on MIllipeed records.
Track 22 was on the “D.I.Y’s Not Dead” 10” compilation on Town Clock records.
Track 23 is from the “Same Day Different Shit” 7” compilation on Industrial Process records.
Tracks 24 & 25 are demo tracks recorded in Rich GGA’s garage. At least one of them appeared on a comp CDR.

Corporate Grave were Southampton’s first hardcore band, taking their influences from The Stupids and Minor Threat in particular. The first proper line-up was Mike Fox (vocals), Steve Burgess (guitar), Scott (drums) and Bren (bass). Bren was later replaced by Ricky.
Here you’ll get both demos and the songs from the “Living On The Edge” compilation LP put out by Coalition Records in 1990.

Tracks 1 to 10 are from the “Don’t Die Of Ignorance” demo in 1987.
Tracks 11 & 12 were included on the “Living On The Edge” LP.
Tracks 13 to 22 are from the “No Sheep” demo.


PORTISWOOD - Breaking Down Your Walls
Tracks 1 to 10 from “The Relegation Battle Continues” demo, 1996.
Line up: Cov John - bass, PJ - guitar, Rut - Vocals, Tony Suspect - drums.

Tracks 11 to 15 from “Too Punk For Lennons” demo, 1997.
Line up: Cov John - bass, PJ - guitar, Tony Suspect - drums, Mike Fox - vocals

Tracks 16 to 21 from the 3rd demo, 1998.
Line up: Cov John - bass, PJ - guitar, Mike Fox - vocals, Saul - drums.


SUF started when Pilger finished in 2006, and played their last gig in 2008, finally calling it a day in early 2009. Here you can get everything the band recorded.

Tracks 1 to 6 are from Demo 1, 2007.

Tracks 7 to 11 are from Demo 2, 2008

Track 12 was recorded at the same time as Demo 2, but was only available on the “Good Times” compilation 7” released by Town Clock Records.


THE BBMFS - No Sleep ‘til Nutley
The BBMFs were a great, fun, band from Sussex. we are no longer in contact with any of the band so I hope they don’t mind us making their two demos available here.

Tracks 1 to 7 are from their “Fantastic Potato” demo.

Tracks 8 to 13 are from their “The Beebs Are Go” demo.


FUSION - First Gig (The Joiners 19/02/1991)
This is that first Fusion gig from February 1991, supporting Quicksand. Recorded on a hand held cassette recorder, and copied directly from the 21 year old cassette.
Shaun: vocals / Paul: bass / Iain: guitar / Tony: drums.

1.Wonder Why?
3.Talk To Me
4.Bail Out
5.Out Of Touch
6.No Stone Unturned


FUSION - Live At The Joiners
Fusion were Shaun Hemsley vocals, Paul Chambers bass, Iain Ratcliffe guitar and Tony Suspect drums. They were formed after Hate That Smile had finished, Paul had left Maybug (who changed their name to Wordbug), and Tony had left Obvious Action (and failed to get The Band From UNCLE up and running).

We weren’t around long enough to record anything in a studio, but long enough to play with Quicksand, NOFX, Majority Of One among others. There are at least two live recordings on cassette, one from the first gig, supporting Quicksand, and this, which was from our gig with Juice and NOFX.


OBVIOUS ACTION - Direct Action Briefing
1987 demo from this Salisbury band, recorded not long after Tony Suspect had joined on drums. After several gigs, including a support slot for the UK Subs in London, the band changed the name to The Stand; the same line up then record another demo before Tony left. There was another demo by The Stand after that and then the band changed their name again, this time to The Magnificent.
Singer/guitarist Colin now runs Stand Out record shop in Salisbury.

1. United Kingdom
2. Hate
3. 20th Century Saints
4. Memories
5. Rebel Rock

This tape was ripped by Rut, thanks mate.


THE SHORTS - Questions & Answers Demo
Four decades, three chords, two fingers, one beat! After Chokeword, Pilger and Screwed Up Flyer comes The Shorts!
Bobby Sox - guitar and vocals, T. Shirt - drums and vocals, Chuck Taylor - bass.

1. Why Do You Keep On Doing The Same Things?
2. Is You Music And Message Still Relevant Today?
3. Are You A Political Band?
4. Isn’t Punk Just Another Set Of Rules?
5. Aren’t You Just Preaching To The Converted?
6. Introduce Yourselves


Totton’s most infamous punk band. This demo was recorded in Rut’s front room in 1982. This download includes all lyrics and photos. Enjoy

1.  Let’s Fuckin’ Riot
2.  Don’t Fight
3.  Death Is Coming
4.  Smash Religion
5.  On The Chore
6.  Ban The Bomb
7.  Young Copper
8.  Dogshit Drama
9.  Punk Won’t Fuckin’ Die
10. Manic Depression
11. Anarchy Not Monarchy
12. No Respect
13. Vandalise
14. Destroy Music
15. Fuckin’ Fall
16. Question Why Or Fuckin’ Die
17. Missile Base
18. Religion Is Shit
19. Government Don’t Care
20. Fuck Fashion

Another Rut ripper.


Nux Vomica, from Brighton, started after Sleep called it a day and featured both Allen and Sam from that band. They weren’t around very long, but I remember them being blistering live, and these songs still sound really good today. This demo was recorded in the Summer of 1992.
Allen - vocals, Steve - bass, Austin - guitar, Sam - drums.

1. Face Of Betrayal
2. Made To Measure Morals
3. Something’s Missing
4. Hate On My Side
5. Dividing Line
6. Human Zoo
7. Truth Always Hurts
8. Tunnel
9. Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Falling Off The Edge Of My Mind


SMOG UK - Live At The Joiners
Great Southampton band influenced by The Ruts and the Damned. This set was recorded live from the mixing desk on 20th October 2000. They only ever put out a self released 7” and a split EP with Shutdown on SD (we will be putting this one up on the website at some point), but were on a couple of compilation releases too.
Stu - guitar / vocals, Mat - bass, Chris - drums.

1. This Is Life
2. Lost In Space
3. Full Circle
4. You’ll Never Know
5. Smog Gets In Your Eyes
6. Resolution
7. Don’t Drink The Water
8. Faceache
9. Love Song


Not sure of the actual year this was released, but it was mid ‘80s and Southampton’s DIY scene was spawning bands, fanzines, distros and great gigs. Nox Mortis were part of that, and one of the best bands our city ever produced.
Bass/vocals - Simon, Guitar - PJ, Drums - Andy

1. In Memorium
2. Time To Change
3. Arms And The Boy
4. Flanders Fields
5. Mary Downe


INSTIGATORS - Live at West Indian Club, Southampton 10th October 1985
Recored by Mike Fox for his 8U Tape label. I remember the gig well, but didn’t even know this recording existed, and was surprised at how good it still sounds after 29 years sat in a draughty garage.

1.   Blind Eye
2.   Old Is Sad
3.   Eye To Eye
4.   Dine Upon The Dead
5.   Summer
6.   The Blood Is On Your Hands
7.   Dark And Lonely
8.   American Dream
9.   The Fix
10.  Wrong Word
11. Ignorance Is Bliss
12.It’s Got To Be Stopped
14. ...And Out The Other
15. The Church Says


THE STUPIDS - Live at The Albion Mills, Ipswich 23/02/1985
Pete Zonked asked me to digitalise this cassette and also let me make it available here. Decent sound quality and all your favourite Stupids songs.

1.  I Am Ill
2.  Who Do You Think You Are?
3.  Waste Away
4.  So Much Fun
5.  Taken Too Many
6.  I Don’t Like Nobody
7.  Waltz Of The New Wavers
8.  The Pit
9.  Skid Row
10. I Don’t Wanna Get Involved With You
11. Sleeping Troubles
12. It’s Gotta Be Love
13. What Happens Next
14. You Shoulda Listened
15. This Is The Norm
16. Elephant Man
17. Let’s Dance
18. Born To Fuck
19. Waltz Of The New Wavers


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