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A-HEADS / PEDAGREE SKUM - split 7”- Grow Your Own
If you want to know what DIY punk rock is, then you don’t need to look much further than GYO Records. Not content with giving bands, new and old, an outlet for their rage, they also print and make the sleeves for the records (both inner and outer), and that attention to detail makes for visually as well as sonically special releases. This four track split EP is no different, I already loved it before hearing it just because of the way it looks and the hard work I know has gone into it. Being old favourites I chose the A-Heads side first, and when ‘Blood On The Pavement’ started it reminded me of SLF’s ‘Hobody’s Heroes’ before quickly reverting to the A-Heads sound we are all familiar with. At first I thought the halting drum beat was holding the song back a little, stopping it from really getting going, but Mel’s voice is as strong as ever and that and the impassioned lyrics carries the song. ‘Wanna Be’ is more up beat and although it sounds like you’d expect the A-Heads to sound, there is something of a late ‘70s punk sound too. In fact I’d go as far as saying that this is one of the best songs they’ve recorded. Pedagree Skum kick off with ‘Welcome To The UK’, a forceful, driving punk song that, again, has great vocals, and there’s a brilliant guitar sound giving it the punch that hammers the song into your brain. ‘Sign Of The Times’ carries on in the same vein; a bass driven opening bursts into life as the guitar takes over and once again it demands your attention. It’s kind of repetitive and hypnotic while at the same time being driven and full of energy. This release looks good and it sounds damn fine. Up the punks.
Grow Your Own (Tony)

ABRAZOS - Belligerent And Numerous - Bandcamp
This is right up my street and I’m not just saying that because Tony is a very good friend of mine but because he asked me to give it an honest review, so that’s what I’ll do. This 8 track LP is an absolute cracker of well written short, hard and very sharp punk rock. 6 minutes and 53 seconds of blistering pace and energy with the true spirit of DIY punk rock. Two blokes, Tony Suspect and Alan Marshall along with guitar, bass, drum kit and a couple of mic’s, what more could you want? As I say, it’s short but with powerfully written inspirational, political, ant-war and sentimental songs with ‘Still Screaming’ heightening the fact that punk rock is still so relevant 50 years on. The contrasting vocals make it interesting, at times the songs seem like it’s 2 mates having a conversation and agreeing with each other. If you like bands such as Armoured Flu Unit, Anthrax, The System, in fact any good honest, DIY punk rock bands than you will certainly like this. I do. I can’t pick any stand out tracks, because it would be unfair to separate or compare one good song with another, they all have the same honesty and passion Go to and you will find everything you need to give you nearly 7 minutes of  pure punk rock goodness.
Abrazos (Stuart)

ACID ATTACK – Suburbia’s Dream - CD - Only Fit For The Bin
Acid Attack hailed from Portsmouth on the South Coast and were one of those early 80’s Punk bands that bubbled away just under the surface from 1980 to 1984 first time around. They made their one and only vinyl outing on the rare Sane Records compilation ‘On The Streets’ but mainly gigged in their local area during their active years. This CD is a great archive of their demos and of a band with something to say. As the CD plays through and their later demos and recordings play you can hear the maturity in their sound develop and even with the usual line up changes that so many bands seemed to go through they get better. Like so many of the second wave of UK punk bands it all seemed to grind to a halt in the mid 80’s but 30 odd years on I know they have recently done a few gigs and may be will get a really decent recording out of some good songs they wrote all those years ago. The CD comes with a fantastic A4 colour fanzine and for the silly old sods like me out there who want to hear and feel this stuff then I highly recommend this release.
Detour  (Gaz)

AD NAUSEAM – Once Upon a Time 1982/1984 LP - Vomito Punk
What a great release this is and what a shock to discover this old Punk band from Portsmouth had even put it out! Ad Nauseam gigged throughout the 1980’s all over the place with the noise merchants of the day and re-invented themselves on more than a few occasions! This album is basically a collection of their demos and although they did a single and a 12” along the way they are not included. I saw them live on a few occasions and they never looked out of place with whoever they were supporting! A worthwhile addition to the collection of any self respecting Punk Rocker who is keen to hear what they may have missed all those years ago.
Vomito Punk (Gaz)

ARMOURED FLU UNIT - This Machines Kills Fascists 7” - Various
There is always a little nagging worry when your mates’ band have something new imminent that it isn’t going to be as great as you want it to be, especially when others are building your hopes up; however, there was nothing to worry about with the new Armoured Flu Unit EP, I wanted it to be great, but it's better than that! Musically it’s powerful and hard hitting anarcho-punk, intense without needing to be blisteringly fast, and lyrically it is angry and outspoken and delivered with conviction. The title of the EP tells you all you need to know about the EP opener, a call to arms to stand up to fascists with thoughts and actions, while ‘The Ruin’ targets National Heritage’s real motives in “protecting” our national monuments and land. As great as those two songs are, the highlight for me is ‘Roll Out The Barrel Bombs’. It’s a song that perfectly captures my feelings of how the horrors of the world are invisible to the general public who are constantly bombarded with celebrity “news”, the perfect propaganda tool as that seems to be all anyone is interested in. Thousands killed by bombs dropped by Western Governments don’t register, while the winner of a game show is the top story in the papers and on TV. Nath’s exasperated cry of “barrel bombs’ at the end of the song perfectly captures the frustrations I feel. Over the 40 years of punk there are songs that perfectly capture a moment in time, whether that’s the feeling of having no future, or the threat of nuclear war, the rise of the right-wing or whatever, well for me this song is the one for now; the world is fucked, but at least we saw a nice cake baked! This three track 7", released on December 1st, is a multi label release with Grow Your Own, Tadpole, Pea Brain, Shatterpunk, Charlie’s Big Ray Gun, Shout Out and Global Resistance Records co-operating to get it released. Support these labels, support this band, buy this record and spread the news!
Armoured Flu Unit (Tony) 

AXIS OF DESPAIR – Contempt for Man – Southern Lord
I like it when a record label have a sound which is identifiably theirs, whichever of the bands on their roster you happen to be listening to. It is great way of dipping your toe in and discovering fantastic new bands which perhaps would have passed you by otherwise.  Southern Lord never disappoint with their mix of dark and crushing Scando D-beat and insane metallic grind, and Axis of Despair are no exception. Imagine the galloping guttural attack of Wolfbrigade fused with the jackhammer blast of Insect Warfare and you won’t be far adrift. This is the first full length release from Sweden’s Axis of Despair (featuring ex-members of Coldworker) following 2 earlier 7”s and it delivers 20 blistering tracks with more ferocity than a rhino with a bucket of wasps gaffa taped to its bollocks. The album starts as it means to go on with a riot of stabby intros and bone-snapping distortion which could come from nowhere else than Sweden, and the first 4 tracks carry you along before plunging you headfirst into the lead-lined breakdown of Lockdown which is marginally slower but no less ferocious. On some of the tracks there are some hints at Tragedy style guitar harmonies (The Noose Tightens for example) and on rare occasions the band drop the tempo enough for a good old sludgey bridge (Crush the Empire is an absolute rager with the heaviest mid-section you can imagine). Personal favourites are the head down grind of Streams of Sludge (which isn’t) and Vile Behaviour (which does seem to be). As you may expect from the genre, Contempt for Man songs do not overflow with joyous enthusiasm about the state of the world, and the track listing reads like chapter headings for Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (if it had chapter headings, which it doesn’t as it’s too relentlessly grim for such frivolity – but I digress)- Songs appearing on the album are called The Wolven Law, The Punishment Begins, The Noose Tightens, A life of Ceaseless Grind, Into the Hard Earth and Dull Dead Future to name a few. The latter showing that even ¾ of the way through the album Axis of Despair are not letting their foot off the gas the slightest bit. The bellowed vocals are immense and the breakdown riff crushes anything in its path. Axis of Despair’s world is dark and grim but it’s a damn good place to visit for half an hour!
Southern Lord (Alan)

BAR STOOL PREACHERS - Grazie Governo LP - Pirate Press
This is the 2nd LP by these Brighton Ska/2-Tone Punkers. There’s a lot to this LP which will appeal to a really wide audience. Fans of The ‘Tone, King Blues, Interruptors and quite a few others will really appreciate this. It’s a real mixture of  styles and speeds. It’s really difficult to get to the sense of what direction the band are taking their songs and music, the punk blends in well with the reggae, sometimes a bit too much, there’s a bit of  classic rock. It’s difficult because some of the songs start with an introduction that is pure punk rock and just as you are getting ready for a raging punk classic, the tempo slows and your into a mid paced ska/punk tune, which for me, I somehow find deflating, then it changes back into a speedy guitar based street punk sound which is most apparent on the track ‘Drive‘. Not all the songs are like this, alongside the ska/punk, there’s some tracks that are just good plain punk rock. All that said, I do really like this LP. It has a real catchy side. The lyrics are working class and in parts anthemic, there’s a political edge and there’s also couple of ‘love’ songs on here, the like of which you won’t have heard before. There‘s a sense of the sentimental and it’s also a very intelligent LP with the lead singer having a real heartfelt passion for the words he’s singing. Stand out tracks for me are Warchief, 2:22, Choose My Friends (guest vocals from Aimee Interrupter), Raced Through Berlin and Grazie Governo is a great opener. If I had to give it a ‘Score’ or ‘Stars’ it would get a four out of five.
Pirate Press (Stuart)

BIND TORTURE KILL  – Visceres – Troffea / Wooaaagh 
Imagine the scene; Lightning forks over the ruined turrets of baron Frankenstein’s castle, Tesla coils spark and crack in the dark as Igor slowly pushes 3 cages into view. The first - black and sepulchral - contains a leather clad, corpse painted ghoul. The second – rusting and ramshackle – exudes the cider-fuelled stench of crust. As the third cage - sleek and well crafted, like a VW Touareg - is cast into moonlight you catch a glimpse inside. The horror! Your blood freezes at the bearded bespectacled face of Post Hardcore. Noooo! The lever is pulled, a lightning bolt strikes and the three are melded into an unnatural monstrosity.  Frankenstein laughs, it’s Alive!! Or at least that is how I imagine Bind Torture Kill were created. BTK hail from Lyon, France I believe (not to be mistaken with BTK from Australia) and this is their 3rd release. They are a curious mix of Crust, Black Metal and Post Hardcore but none the worse for it. I must admit Post Hardcore is not really my thing – I wouldn’t know an At The Drive in record if you flung it at me Shawn of the Dead style, and even Big Black and later Fugazi didn’t really float my boat (I am sure these woeful reference points prove my point adequately) – but the discordant chimey guitars which overlay the heavy distortion and screams here give it something unique. To me the album sounds like the riff laden, powerful  end of crust rather than metal – for example Severed Head of State,  but every now and then brief touches of Propaghandi peek through (Sanguinaire in particular). The album gets heavier as it progresses and after the first few tracks there is more than a healthy dose of Grand Collapse, (Maelstrom  is an absolute stormer), and Gallows (the high screamed vocals and choppy guitars of Chacel for example). And check out the last few minutes of Perte et Fracas for the sound of righteous anger colliding face first with despair. All of these things are splendid and the amalgamation of the lot is a bit good really. Most of the tracks are thundering behemoths with the vocals delivered at angle-grinder velocity as either high screams or the knackered trudge that gives this such a crust feel. On occasions the pace gets sludgy and dark but you are never far away from another barrage of ferocity. Bleak, expansive and punishing – just like the gothic castle where they were spawned (apparently).
Wooaaargh (Alan)

BOBBY FUNK – Avocado Stains – TNS
After a brief check I can confirm that, yes, this is the only green marbled vinyl avocado shaped record I own. The absurdity of releasing such an item on the public is compounded by Bobby Funk themselves forgetting why this record was called Avocado Stains in the first place, and there being no reference to avocados anywhere else on it (with the exception of pictures of the band being smashed in the face with them on the back cover). This is not unusual behaviour for Bobby Funk whose last 7”, Piss, came on piss coloured vinyl with a delightful photo of a urine sample on the sleeve.
Bobby Funk have a great knack of acting and sounding like the school holidays felt when you were about 10. Musically they remind me of their label mates Pizza Tramp and Wonk Unit, but to these old ears they also evoke the earlier knockabout daftness of The Flying Medallions and Serious Drinking but with a more stripped back sound. They thrash and shout their way through the 5 tunes here with a mixture of swing-park excitement and Panda-pop sugar rush, which makes a refreshing change from the ubiquitous down-tuned glowering that punk seems to be full of these days. Subject matter includes  Johnny Depp being a wanker, which is essentially a list of Depp films with members of the Funk shouting wanker afterwards - simple but vitriolic in the extreme, and the highs (DMT) and lows (Roid Rage Ruckus) of drug use. On the flip side of the avocado there are tunes about Jason Statham being in Crass (Stathams of the Crass) which smacks of a pub conversation taken delightfully too far, and the extremely catchy Sick Helmet, a moral tale about pride coming before a fall and a helmet full of sick. Bobby Funk often verge on a lo-fi sound which sounds like they made things up as they went along, but I am sure this is far from the truth as the tunes are well crafted and stick in your head all bloomin’ day. They make me think of pub gardens, cones of chips and smashing bottles up the park, but maybe that’s just me. All in all this is my kind of record. It is a joy to behold without even playing it, but I would strongly advise you do (what use is a giant plastic avocado otherwise?) as the catchy ranty punk tunes wrapped up in a very English kind of Dadaism are precisely what punk should have more of.
TNS (Alan)

BUG CENTRAL - There’s More Of Us 7” - Grow Your Own
Grow Your Own records are off to a flyer this year as they hit us with yet another quality release. Bug Central have been making a punk rock racket for over 20 years, and this EP proves that they still have a lot to say, and it doesn’t seem like they will be slowing down any time soon. There is no plodding punk rock sitting on past glories here, Bug Central come racing out with the impassioned call to arms of the title track, urging us to stand together and rise up against our oppressors, invoking memories of the anarchist groups that fought Franco’s fascists in 1930’s Spain. ‘The Acceptable Face Of Self Harm’ is a short, sharp, rough and ready chaotic blast of anguish, while ‘Enemy Unseen’ has an uplifting feel that brings to mind early hardcore bands from across the Atlantic like Toxic Reasons and N.O.T.A as well as Germany’s Upright Citizens. Rounding things off is a musically more sedate tune as ‘Without’ delivers what could be a party political broadcast for the Anarchist Party, a spoken outlining of some anarchist ideas over a melodic tune that builds to a Chron Gen like melodic burst to finish the EP off. As always, with GYO, the packaging is lovingly put together; totally DIY, it’s printed and constructed at GYOHQ on recycled card, and features some great Spanish Civil War style art, a boot stamping down on a nazi snake, on one side, and a masked anarchist hitting a tear gas canister back towards the police with a tennis racket on the other, and if you get your order in quick you get some extra goodies too. Bug Central have been around a long time, but the problems of the world are not getting any better, and they are pissed off about it; I’m with them, and you should be too, after all, there’s more of us.
Grow Your Own (Tony)

CASTRO - Infidelity CD/LP - Boss Tuneage
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this as although their first album had some really good songs, it didn’t always hit the spot for me, at times it was just a little too rock for my tastes. ‘Infidelity’ is a much more coherent and confident album, showing that the band have really found their feet and have a more powerful sound throughout. As you would expect, the faster songs are the ones I gravitate towards, but the more mid-paced ones have a maturity and drive meaning that they are catchy enough to already be lodged in my head, yes even the more rocky ones! Lyrically I think it’s pretty obvious who ‘Living The Dream’ is about, but really it could apply to several others too, and that is the only obviously political song here, the others seem to tell of more personal struggles to survive in this modern world. And Katja’s vocals are still as powerful and distinctive as ever. I have found that I keep returning to this album, and that has to be a sign that this is a damn fine record.
Boss Tuneage (Tony)  

C.H.E.W. - Feeding Frenzy LP - Drunken Sailor
This has a manic drum intro that sounds like Stingray on steroids before wailing feedback seems to herald in a Discharge cover, but instead it careers off along its own frenzied path. The guitars are thrashed, bass is pummelled, drums are pounded and vocal chords are strained as C.H.E.W blast though the first four songs without pausing for breath. ‘Daily Affirmation’ offers a slight reduction in speed, if not intensity, and then they are off again, setting the pattern for the album; several blast of breathless speed, a brief interlude when a slightly slower song pounds your head before they storm off again. And after 15 songs of this chaos they end with a 6 minute 39 second dirge, that ends up reminding me of The Cravats. That may sound like you’ll want to lift the needle at that point, but it works just fine and seems a fitting way to sign off. This has everything you want from a punk album; it’s fast, bursting with energy and attitude, and when the 16 songs are over you go right back and start all over.
Drunken Sailor (Tony)

CIVILISED SOCIETY? - War In My Head CDEP - Boss Tuneage
I can’t quite believe this band have made a comeback and what a comeback it is too! Normally its only the singer plus one other from the line-up that disbanded thirty odd years ago when old bands reform but a quick check of an old album I have by them and this seems like the original line up! Civilised Society? were active first time round in the mid 1980’s and did that punk/metal crossover type sound which I never really got on with that well but the stand out band for me were probably CS. More than likely because they had female lead vocals and that made them a bit different in a mainly male fronted genre. Fast forward to 2018 and they are at it again and on the strength of the four tracks contained within this EP they are better than all those years ago. Powerful and meaningful stuff - I’m genuinely shocked by how good they are. Three of the tracks are re-recordings of old songs, Fireball Finale, Alone on a Hill, Why? and ‘War in my Head’ seems to be a new one from the forthcoming album ‘The Third’ (Dimension). I would honestly say that weather you liked them all those years ago or are completely new to them and a lot younger than me, you could do a lot worse than check them out.
Boss Tuneage (Gaz)  

THE COMMITED - Bruised But Not Broken LP - Grow Your Own
Despite forming back in the late 1970s, I have only had a few complication tracks from this band, until this album arrived. The record is surrounded in a folded, full colour sleeve that opens out to reveal the lyrics, so I was already impressed before getting the record out. Musically they still have something of a late ‘70s punk feel, although it’s a sound that has been dragged through an anarcho punk filter, so it doesn’t have that plodding, dull drudgery that a lot of bands who have that style get bogged down with. These songs have energy and drive, even if that are not blisteringly fast, and the album seems to get stronger as you listen. Lyrically they are as outspoken as a punk band should be in these times of creeping fascism and prejudice. Now, I know I always mention how wonderful their packaging is but it is an important part of any GYO release, and this hand-built sleeve is just wonderful. “Punk is freedom / Punk is life / Punk’s a state of mind.”
Grow Your Own (Tony)

THE CRIPPENS – The Minow and The Pike – Boss Tuneage
Way back when, in my youth, Dr and the Crippens strode above most of the bands who appeared out of the grindcore/thrash stable. Their mix of supersonic surrealism and love of the childish and macabre spoke to me in a way that still reverberates. Anyone who can mix Sesame Street with Freddy Kruger and still feel it needs exploding vegetables to give it a certain something tends to stick in the mind. But now they are back, from outer space (or wherever they build their candy floss cocoons). The remodelled and reloaded Crippens have been released for more care in the community and have recorded a brand new 6 track cheese-dream for Boss Tuneage – who recently re-pressed their entire back catalogue with all its bonkers twists and turns. Their recent live shows have been an absolute joy to behold so I have been looking forward to this release with an excitement rarely witnessed in the flushes of middle age. The Crippens smash into planet earth with a manifesto somewhere between Stephen King’s IT and Rainbow – The songs have a feverish, otherworldly feel whilst tackling everyday and even mundane subject matter such as drinking booze under canal bridges. Having the world’s creepiest sardonic clown as your frontman may have a little to do with this. 4 of the tracks on the new record are sparkly new and 2 are taken from their previous incarnation with the eponymous Doctor (They Froze Disney and the mysterious Track 6, which bought a little warm glow to my nostalgic heart). They carry on where they left off in the 90’s with an unhealthy obsession with avant gardening – Pampass Grass and Golden Rod both delivered with their trademark askew vision of the world and picking up the batten from Mr Creosote and The Garden Centre Murders. Musically the songs are perhaps a touch slower and a little less manic than their earlier work and are more in keeping with their unreleased (at the time) 3rd LP Cabaret Style, complete with the occasional funky, psychedelic breakdowns. The Bus Station Loonies spring to mind, which is no bad thing in my book, and on occasion there is some of the riffage of The Stupids thrown into the mix. It is an absolute pleasure to have The Crippens lunatic Dadaism back on the stage and I am happy to report that the recorded version is just what the Doctor ordered.
Boss Tuneage (Alan) 

CROSTA - Refugis 7” - Dê o Fora! 
Crosta were a Barcelona band who finished in 2013, and these 3 songs were their last recordings; they haven’t had a proper release until the good people at Dê o Fora presented this 7” to the world. The songs are a brilliant showcase of what this very special band were all about, Great vocals from both Mar and Ian with lyrics sung in Catalan, there are also periods where they just let their melodic yet totally powerful music do their talking. The drums are hit hard, combining with the bass to give a powerful platform for the guitar, which has a classic punk rock sound, to drive their sound along. The songs are kind of hypnotic, they draw you in and although they aren’t super fast they pack a mighty punch with tunes that stick in your head. I loved their ‘Nus A La Gola’ 12”, and this is every bit as good. The sleeve features striking artwork from bass player Mar Estrama, and the whole package shows that a lot of thought and care has gone into it. Crosta may be no more, but they have left us something special to cherish.
Dê o Fora!  (Tony)

DEAD HERO - La Vida Continua - Sabotage
This band may come from present day Colombia, but they sound like they’re from the UK in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. I reckon they must have listened to the First Cockney Rejects album, ‘Voice Of A Generation’ LP and ‘New Age’ 7” by Blitz and Hard Skin’s ‘Same Meat Different Gravy’ LP directly before recording this, because musically that’s what you can expect here. Great, driving, melodic punk with cool vocals (actually singing the Spanish lyrics) and a brilliant guitar sound. A lot of bands who try to play this sort of stuff end up with a sound more like plodding pub rock, you don’t get any of this here; you get top quality, high energy punk rock tunes.
Sabotage (Tony)

DISJOY - Red Sky 12” - Richter Scale
Another Dis band? Well, as I take my first listen to this South Wales band, thoughts of various bands begin swirling round my brain but probably not the ones you’d expect; I see images of Bauhaus, I feel like I do when listening to Siouxsie & The Banshees’ ‘Join Hands’ album, and inevitably the bass sound brings to mind Joy Division; there are also moments that remind me of some of the more innovative anarcho bands, and I’d put this along side contemporary bands like Barcelona’s Belgrado and Philadelphia’s Dark Blue. The pulsating bass, coupled with the thumping drums provide a solid foundation while jarring guitars make this a dark and unsettling listen, and I mean that in a good way; the shouted, anguished vocals top things off nicely. I love the rawness of it, and the desperate, menacing and haunting nature of the songs somehow feel almost uplifting, or maybe my head is filled with similar dark thoughts and it just resonates subconsciously. I have always been partial to this sort of stuff, it gets under my skin, and I’m already on my fourth play through of this; as soon as one side ends I just flip it over and start over. Great.
Richter Scale (Tony)

THE DISRUPTERS - Open Wounds : 1980-2011 - Overground
The Fine City of Norwich (They put it on all the road signs as you enter the city!) should be proud of this band as they stayed true to their beginnings throughout their existence. They aligned themselves by their own admission to the anarcho punk scene with Crass being a great influence and their first recorded offering duly appeared on the first ‘Bullshit Detector’ album released by Crass Records at the start of the 1980’s. This retrospective album contains a dozen tracks from most of their releases including their comeback album ‘Generation Retard’ released in 2011. I discovered The Disrupters on the first ‘Punk and Disorderly’ compilation album, again released at the start of the 1980’s – their contribution was the track ‘Young Offender’ which was also the title of their first EP. I finally got to see them live when they made a bit of a 21st century comeback after their late 80’s demise with front man Steve Hansell the only ever present member leading a new line up and the one that released the ‘Generation Retard’ album. I’m guessing its all over for good now as they have not played live for a few years, but whatever happens they played their part and this album should serve as a document, not just of The Disrupters but of the causes they represented in their lyrics and actions beyond the band.
Overground (Gaz)

DOA - Fight Back - Sudden Death
I sometimes wonder why the name of Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley is not up there with other legends of the Punk scene like Harper, Lucas and Biafra! OK no points for an original album title but the whole dozen tracks on this new album from Canadian Punk survivors DOA are just pure DOA and thus pure Punk! Killer cops and the piss that is so often is sold to millions of people under the name ‘beer’ are given the wrath of Joe! Hard hitting and as good as ever they have stuck to the formula that put them on the map. I have always been into DOA as they have always said it as it is and in Keithley’s case tried to get elected and provide a real threat to the system. Well this album gets my vote and for the vinyl addicts amongst you it’s available on a limited edition red vinyl!
Sudden Death (Gaz)

DOWN AND OUTS - Double Negative - All In Vinyl/Yo-Yo Records
These guys have been around a long time now, 14 years apparently, and while they haven’t been massively prolific, this being their 6th album I think, they have always put out top quality stuff, and this new album is, simply put, just more of that. Another 13 tracks of ace melodic punk rock tuneage, the earlier stuff was more Oi influenced, and I guess you can still pick that up, but this is just straightforward gruff/beard/Hot Water Music style punk. The lyrics are really strong and well thought out and there is a short explanation about each song, which I really like. Track 4, “You Can Have Your Country Back” hits the nail right on the fucking head with regards to Brexit, totally spot on, “went to sleep in Great Britain, woke up in little England”. Track 8 “Free” really hits home and lyrically brought a tear to my eye, as it will anyone else that has lost someone close to suicide. So yes, an album full of great songs with even better words.
Down & Outs  (si)

ELECTRO HIPPIES - Deception Of The Instigator Of Tomorrow - Collected Works 1985-1987 LP - Boss Tuneage
I can’t pretend to be the biggest Electro Hippies fan, there are plenty of bands from that era that I love, and while I couldn’t place Electro Hippies in that bracket, they do hold fond memories for me; mostly because of the first 9 tracks on this double album. At the time of their 1987 John Peel session I was aware of the band, but didn’t yet own any of their records. But I remember I was driving home from somewhere, late, and listening to the John Peel show on the night he broadcast the Electro Hippies session. They were sounding good, and not a little funny, and I was thinking that maybe I needed to get something by them, then it got to just before midnight, what I thought was the last song of the show finished and instead of the usual “good bye” from Mr Peel, he announced another from Electro Hippies, I didn’t know if the show was running on, or if the clock in the car was wrong, then he played ‘Mega Armageddon Death’. I was on my own, but laughed out loud, and the decision was made, I had to get that song on vinyl! I can even remember where I was at the time I heard that, and never fail to think about it when I drive on that bit of road now. As well as that session, you also get their first two demos, tracks from the split LP they did with Generic, rehearsal and live tracks. In fact everything they recorded before the records for Peaceville, 60 tracks in all. The usual top notch Boss Tuneage package contains cool artwork, photos, lyrics and sleeve notes, and with the double colour vinyl LPs you also get a CD included. This is our history you know.
Boss Tuneage (Tony) 

ENAMORADOS  - S/T LP - Sabotage
From Barcelona, Enamorados deliver seven trax of way cool Garage Rock ‘n Roll that’s huffing on Power-Pop fumes. I’m taking a punt that these upbeat tunes were, in part, crafted off the back off some sustained exposure to The Real Kids, Ebba Gron and Stiv Bators ‘Disconnected’ solo LP. We’re talking hooks, melodies, and one toe tapping good-time number after another. The middle song pairing of “Vamos a Arder” and “Esa Penumbra” find the band hitting their stride… and closer “Rompe Mi Interior” really is the mutt’s nuts. Rounds off a cracking 12” that’s definitely a departure from the Raw Punk depth charges some of these guys are better known for dropping in other BCN bands.
Sabotage (Pete Zonked!)

EPIC PROBLEM / NEEDLS//PINS - Split 7” - All In Vinyl
One record, two bands, four songs. Of course I played Epic Problem first, what with being great an’all, and although their first song, ‘Down’, is lyrically full of internal anguish delivered with impassioned vocals, the driving music and the “woah-woah” backing vocals at the end seem to give it an uplifting feel. It's nearly four minutes long, but doesn't seem it, and never drags. Their second song is a rip-roaring version of Blitz’s ‘Propaganda’. Now, despite them being one of my favourite bands, I always liked the fact that Mackie didn’t want to play Blitz songs; Epic Problem are a different band, with a different sound, they are here now and they deserve to be judged on their own merits rather than just some nostalgic longing for times gone past. However, this is probably my favourite Blitz song, the words are still sadly relevant and they play it like it’s one of their own songs. It works, and I love it. Flipping the purple vinyl over and we have NEEDLES//PINS; their first song reminds me of someone, but I can’t think who. It’s also almost 4 minutes long, but this one really doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid. I know that all you younger, much more with it people will probably love this song, but the slow pace means my mind starts to drift and I find myself thinking about who it sound slike rather than actually engaging with the song. ‘Stumble’ is their second offering, it’s shorter and faster and I’d say I quite like it. It’s the one I have actually gone back and played again as soon as it’s finished. However, this EP is great because it has Epic Problem on it, their two songs are worth the money alone, for me, so I imagine you hip kids will be overjoyed as I'm sure you'll love all four songs.
All In Vinyl (Tony)

GBH - Momentum LP - Hellcat
I would be telling a bit of a lie if I said we here at SD did not have a bit of a soft spot for Birmingham’s finest! Jumping around our bedrooms with teenage energy to ‘No Survivors’ was where it all began and from those heady early 1980’s days I had no idea that in 2018 this album would make a bloke of 52 feel the same! Make a note that I only said ‘feel’ as jumping around my bedroom shouting into a fake microphone resembling the Football World Cup would take some explaining now on my way to A&E! Anyway – you get the point?! Push aside the classic first couple of albums GBH released and immerse yourself in the energy of the 21st Century as this is as hard a hitter as anything that’s gone before! Twelve tracks with something to say and from a Punk band not noted for being overly political this makes for a great Punk album. The tracks ‘Population Bomb’ and ‘Enemies’ are just great and I’d put them up against anything they have done – ‘No Survivors’ included! In fact! ‘Us Against The World’ ‘Fifty What?’ they all cut it. Fuck me I like this album! There are echo’s of ‘Leather Bristles’ and ‘City Babies Revenge’ in places too. Buy it, turn it up and nuts to the bad back in the morning!!
Hellcat (Gaz)

HAEST - EP#1 - One Step Outside
The four members of this Hastings band are all in another bands, but have come together to deliver some heavy hardcore punk. To be honest I wasn’t sure if this was going to be for me; it is heavy and sometimes slower than I usually like, but the fast bits keep me interested and I like their drive and attitude, and it has enough energy busting out of each song to satisfy me. It only took a couple of plays before I was finding myself going back to this again and again. Check this out, it’s a storming EP and it demands your attention.
Haest (Tony)

HEALER OF BASTARDS - Justice CDR - Angry Scenes
Now I’m a total fan of HOB’s total DIY approach and the resulting output! This album is thirteen tracks of loud, uncompromising music and an assault on your eardrums! It’s not often that I get to review a sound that is so clear and raw! This is stripped down punk of a very high order. No lack of politics in the lyrics either and they mean it which is another thing I like about this band. If you don’t believe me and want to know what a racket this three piece band from Birmingham can kick up then download their MP3 from the address at the end of the review. My thanks to Paul who is Drummer and lead Vocalist for sending this advanced listen over to me. The vinyl should be out by the time you read this.
Healer Of Bastards (Gaz)

HORSEFLIES - Sea Control - Self Released
This blows my mind; it’s not the usual raging punk I normally listen to, Horseflies create soundscapes, they produce music that I not only hear, but also feel! It’s powerful without being fast, it’s pulsating but also considered, but without lacking any of the impact that would often suggest. ‘Sea Control’ is a proper, grown up album, but is it punk? Damn right it is; punk isn’t a defined sound, it’s about attitude as well as music and this is two fingers up to the mainstream, you can keep your over hyped waste of space ‘pop stars’, we don’t need you, we can make great music on our own. ‘Waxwound' kicks things off with a slow build up that reminds me of Siouxsie & The Banshees’ ’Join Hands’ album, but quickly morphs in to a Fugazi like song that builds to an anthemic crescendo. From then on this weaves its way through driving songs like ‘Video Nasty’ and ‘Nailhouse’ and more thoughtful introspective songs, and ends with ‘The Sound Of Two Eyes Opening’ rounding it all off in fine style. Singer Joe says that Horseflies are not “active enough” for a label to give this a physical release and that makes me sad (I wish I had the money to help); there are so many shitty bands around flooding the world with their crappy music that something as great as this won’t be spinning on my turntable any time soon is a travesty; but then, as Joe also says, “no carbon footprint and no sitting around a merch stall” (I like sitting behind a merch table - it’s safe there). Joe is a long standing friend and it makes me so happy to be able to tell you that he is in a band that can make an album this good.
Horseflies (Tony)

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH – Forbidden Techniques LP – To Live a Lie
Hummingbird of Death always seem to get a bit overlooked in the UK, but I have been following their break-neck fastcore output for a few years and this LP is 24 tracks of their best work. Hailing from Boise, Idaho these guys are fast! Some of the drumming on here is just incredible, with rolls and solos all over the shop – take Tribalistic Horseshit for example which excels in sheer rapidity. Some of their previous releases have had more of a feedback laden powerviolence feel but this strips things back to more of a classic hardcore sound – just way faster. There are some great tunes packed in amongst the thrash and at times HoD swerve from sounding like Dayglow Abortions (Casual Stupidity) and the Ergs’ Thrash Compactor (Head full of Shit) to SNFU and Propaghandi (Forbidden Techniques and Cautionary Tales). For all the hardcore influences the LP doesn’t lack an ounce of ferocity and reminds me most often of classic bands like No Comment and Coke Bust. What it also delivers in bucketloads is snotty vitriol - with song titles such as Fuck an Apology, Who asked you, and Only you can go fuck yourself there is certainly no shortage of fuel to the fastcore fire. Besides the sharpened stick and snarling approach HOD are not averse to tackling new subject matter either. Personal favourites are; A little scratch – which is about why punks should expect music for free when the band has to pay to produce it, and A world without hashtags – which postulates how long the human race would survive without our omnipresent social media. If you want a bit of melody mixing into your fast this is a delight – tuneful enough to challenge the thrash crew, intense enough to unsettle any hardcore buff. And did I mention, it is really fast!?
To Live A Lie (Alan)

IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO - s/t LP - Static Shock
Last year Idiota Civilizzato released a great 7 track 7”EP, it was a real blast of feedback and fuzzed out noise, but with enough hooks to lift it above the rest. Now they have delivered an album that takes that template and improves it giving us one of the LPs of the year, one that should dominate the end of year top tens! These songs are still fast and still furious, but they have cut back on the wailing feedback and there isn’t so much of a blown out feel; instead these songs show a band who are improving and refining their sound, while at the same time keeping the edge feel that made their EP so good. Apparently this was recorded in one marathon session, and I guess that helps to keep that energy high as they just about stop the songs from running away from them. Although based in Berlin, this band has members from Mallorca, Italy and so on, and I guess they each bring different influences to the sound, so while some may detect a certain early ‘80s Italian hardcore style, I found there was also a Canadian feel with both S.H.I.T and Career Suicide coming to mind at times. When I first heard this I was blown away, I liked the EP, but this is something else, something more, something special and with each play it has sounded better and better.
Static Shock (Tony)

To celebrate Steve Ignorant’s 40 years of making music, he joined Paranoid Visions for a 14 track set taking in songs by Crass, Stratford Mercenaries, Conflict, Dirt, Flux of Pink Indians and Paranoid Visions. Recorded on an outdoor stage at Rebellion on August 5th 2017, at just gone 5pm, this was originally just a bootleg recording, but it has been mastered by Crass collaborator Harvey Birrel (he remastered the CRASS albums), and although it’s rough round the edges the sound is good and it captures the essence of what it must have been like being among the thousands who were there to enjoy it first hand. True, we’ve all heard these songs a thousand times before, and they don’t pretend to be a match for the originals, but they are done with love and respect and if you’re going to mark an anniversary of making music then this is as good a way as any. The record starts and finishes with two of the most iconic punk songs ever released; ‘Do They Owe Us A Living’, perfect because of its simplicity, and ‘Tube Disasters’; both guaranteed to get everyone singing along. Good choices for the start and ending of a set. I was lucky enough to get on elf the limited colour vinyl LPs thanks to Urinal Vinyl, but they went pretty damn quick.
Steve Ignorant (Tony)

STEVE IGNORANTS SLICE OF LIFE - Just Another EP - Harbinger Sound
Steve Ignorant! Crass Frontman? Yup! That’s him! But that’s where it all stops. For those of you expecting something in the style of ‘Do They Owe Us a Living’ to be barked out then I’m saving you some money with this review. I believe that through the medium of Slice of Life this is Steve doing what he always wanted to progress too. Not love songs but putting his views across in a more subtle and effective way. Moody lyrics and vocals with equally as moody music truly reflecting the man himself I feel. Crass influenced a generation of Punks/People, call yourself what you want but people are still carrying those ideas and values about to this day which must be truly unique in any circles. It’s probably near impossible to mention Steve Ignorant and not mention Crass but things have moved on and I would honestly urge you to move on and watch and listen to Slice of Life. The same thing is going on almost, its not just about the music its about being part of something and putting your spin on it. If you do turn out to watch them, go with no expectations, relax, have a drink and witness something just a little bit different. Carol Hodge on the keyboards and the two Pete’s on guitar and bass provide the complete ‘package’ and complete the ‘Slice of Life’.    
Steve Ignorant or Facebook (Gaz) 

INFA RIOT – Old and Angry - Randale
Yet another Punk band to come spinning out of the early 1980’s UK Punk scene Infa Riot made their mark with the near legendary ‘Still out of Order’ album on Secret Records. Then after winding us all up and wanting more they disappeared! Moving on 35 years and founding members Lee Wilson and Barry D’Amery have been joined by Chris Lloyd on Bass and Tom Eagle on Drums to finally release another album and basically the successor to ‘Still out of Order’. A lot happens in 35 years both politically and personally and this is reflected in the lyrics, but if you like a ‘Little bit of Punk and Oi’ then this will be right up your streetpunk! The band have been all over the place gigging in the last few years and hopefully will not be a Five Minute Fashion this time round and depart without warning! Concrete tunes on this album and an attitude that’s just as hard and just as I hoped. Worth the wait.
Randale (Gaz)

KILLBITE / ODIOSOCIAL - Split’LP - Multi Label Release  
Germany versus Brazil on this split LP with both grind crust teams evenly matched! I have to say that Odiosocial from Brazil just edge the match for me this time with just a little more variety in their play! Seriously though! As both bands rampage through their six tracks each on this album I have to admit that they do it well even if I have to be in the right mood to get into this sort of stuff. Its darkly political as you might suspect and I can only wonder if Discharge ever gave a thought to what they may have kicked off nearly 40 years ago! If this sound is your thing then this album needs to be on your turntable. It would be an own goal not to own a copy.
Angry Scenes (Gaz)

THE LAST GANG - Sing For Your Supper - Fat Wreck
Every now and then FAT put out something that takes me by surprise and really captures my attention. I wasn’t aware of The Last Gang until it arrived in my inbox, and I never take too much notice of press releases because they never really bear too much of a resemblance to the actual music, so even after reading the email I still wasn’t prepared for this gloriously, catchy, gnarly little gem. The two songs have elements of early Rancid, label mates Bad Cop Bad Cop and The Distillers, with their straight ahead, no frills punk rock tunes and annoyingly infectious hooks with Brenna Red’s gravelly vocals bringing to mind Joan Jett, Brody Dalle and even Suiz Quatro.  I can imagine that this band are great live with their no nonsense, aggressive yet melodic sing-along punk rock songs.
Fat Wreck (Tony)

THE LAST GANG - Keep Them Counting -  Fat Wreck
I enjoyed the single that Fat recently released by this trio, two tracks of no nonsense, gruff vocal, loud guitar fuelled punk rocking tunes; so I was quite looking forward to a full album worth. The two Distillers like punkers begin and finish this album but, unfortunately, apart from the odd song, like ‘Blood Drunk’ and ‘Nobody’s Prostitute’, they don't really reach those heights here, and I find my attention wondering as the drive and that edge that makes songs lodge themselves in your brain is too often lacking. It’s a real shame as sometimes I just want some energetic, no frills punk rock to listen to, and I know The Last Gang have it in them (see the review above).
Fat Wreck (Tony)

LOUDMOUTH – Easy Tiger LP - Boss Tuneage
This is the 2nd LP from Sunderland’s Loudmouth, and the first I’ve heard by ‘em. These 4 guys have assembled 12 very well crafted songs loaded with uplifting melodies, consistently rocking guitars, and my foot was tapping from the get go. All band members no doubt come to the table with their own influences, but as a collective there’s definite kudos being paid to The Ruts, Clash (check out the excellent Skanking ”Never Say Never”), SLF, Social D, Bad Religion (“The Last Farewell” could be an outtake from “Generator”) and of course The Ramones. There’s a real positive momentum to their music, and the vocal sharing between Mick ‘n Dave Jones works incredibly well to the overall dynamics. The final track is a cover of “Mexican Standoff”, penned by the sadly departed Dickie Hammond for his post-Leatherface outfit Stokoe. Loudmouth’s interpretation does the man proud, and closes this album out in fine style. Top Drawer release, and Best Played LOUD!
Boss Tuneage (Pete Zonked!)  

THE LURKERS - High Velocity EP - Human Punk
The title track ‘High Velocity’ has great female vocals supplied by ‘Danie Cox’ on side one but is not your typical Lurkers offering to be honest but its fast and loud and right up my street! Flip to side two not forgetting to flip from 45 to 33RPM (as I annoyingly did on numerous occasions) to find a couple of classic Lurkers offerings I think. ‘White Noise and Feedback’ is pretty good stuff with the trio of Pete Stride on vocals/guitar, Nigel Moore on bass and Esso on drums strip everything back to those Beggars Banquet years it seems. The second track on side two is ‘One Butterfly’ which is a bit slower and my least liked of the three tracks on this EP but it’s still the Lurkers through and through. The EP was mixed by the now legendary Pat Collier at his ‘Perry Vale’ studio so you know it’s going to be a good sound! Pink vinyl too for all you collecting fools for it out there.
God's Lonely Men (Gaz)

MINDFRAME - Whiplash 7” - Grow Your Own
GYO do it again, this is yet another top quality release. I had heard the name Mindframe before, but never actually heard what the band sound like; now I have I like it, a lot. I’m immediately reminded of Natterers, Action Pact and A-Heads as they power though four songs that have a nice blend of anarcho punk and a more melodic hardcore sound (with a bit of a Culture Shock style vibe in one song), it’s exhilarating stuff, without being super fast, and gives Mindframe a different, yet somehow familiar feel. Once again, as is the way with this label, the whole package is top quality; the excellent music is encased in a superb, hand made, sleeve and all for a decent, fair, price. This has been played a lot here over the past few days.
Grow Your Own (Tony)

MOVING TARGETS - The Other Side: Demos And Sessions LP - Boss Tuneage
I have always liked releases collecting together early/demo/different versions of well loved songs. I guess its down to my love of raw punk songs, and often demo versions are rougher round the edges, not fully formed yet retaining the urgency that is sometimes lacking form the finished, produced versions. The same applies to Sessions, I used to love getting the Peel Session records to hear often more energetic versions of my favourite songs. I did buy the original Boss Tuneage ‘Made To Order’ version of this record, but now as Moving Targets are coming back to the UK, this has been expanded and given a proper release.  The 24 tracks collect demos from 1983 up to radio sessions from 2007, taking in an outtake from the ‘Burning In Water’ recording along the way. Some of these versions do have that raw, energetic quality, others show that the final version was the one that captured its power. If you’re a fan of Moving Targets, then this is going to be something that you will want to own, if you’re new to the band it would be a good starting point before you track down the finished versions because their albums are all well great records. Of course with Boss Tuneage, you know that the packaging and presentation is packed with cool graphics and information.
Boss Tuneage  (Tony)

NATTERERS - Head In Threatening Attitude LP - Boss Tuneage
This album is getting a lot of praise at the moment, and rightly so; Natterers have always been a very good band but ’Head In Threatening Attitude’ shows that they have become a truly great band. There have been some brilliant records released this year, and this could just be the best of them all. Like Night Birds, Natterers take the early USHC sounds of Dead Kennedys and Southern Californian bands like TSOL and give them a modern day reboot to deliver songs that sound fresh, urgent and relevant. The energy is bursting out of the speakers and the new rhythm section gives the band a more dynamic edge, while the guitar sounds clear and sharp on both the thrashier bits and the DKs surfy parts. The vocals are distinctive and powerful, belting out some great lyrics tackling misogyny, environmental destruction, a mindless population amongst other observations on 21st Century life; I was particularly struck by the line “Your knowledge may save us all.” Like those classic albums we all treasure, this one has a bit of variety, and as much as I love their heads down, straight ahead punkers, the songs where they slow down show they can still deliver a powerful song without relying solely on speed; “Dead Men Can’t Catcall” is a brooding, ominous song that feels perfect for the subject matter. Up until this release, Natterers were a band I liked, they are now a band I love; I have played this album at least once a day since it arrived.
Boss Tuneage  (Tony)

NEUROTIC EXISTENCE - Insane LP  -Multi Label Release
Despite the nine tracks of fairly dark and depressing lyrics on this album the accompanying music is not quite as dark and crusty as I thought it might be from Germany’s Neurotic Existence! (I Read the lyrics before I played the album and imagined the music!) The dual male/female vocals are kind of gruff meets high pitch gruff if that’s possible? I have to concede that the intense, driving and almost tuneful sound of NE combines well with the vocals. The band are doing nothing new I guess but whatever your favoured variety of the Punk sound is the only thing left to do - is do your thing well and this band certainly do that.
Neurotic Existence (Gaz)

NIGHT BIRDS - Roll Credits LP - Fat Wreck
Night Birds have been a band for ten years, and in all that time they haven't present us with a duff release. There aren’t many punk bands who can release more than two great albums, Night Birds have released three stormers, a bunch of great EPs and now this 8 song 12’ mini album. I can’t claim to have been a fan right from the start, but I can still remember the first time I heard them, I’d been sent the self titled 7” for review back in 2010 and ‘Prognosis: Negative’ reminded me of the first time John Peel played a song called ‘California Uber Alles’ by a US band with a funny name; the same spine tingling sensation as the fast, melodic surf tinged punk rock sound filled the room. I was blown away. Singer Brian contacted me out of the blue to thank me for the review and we are still buddies to this day. This time, sandwiched between the two instrumental offerings of ‘Pull The Stings’ and the title track are 6 brilliant songs; you will know what to expect from this band by now, with their 21st century update of classic USHC; there’s no drastic deviation they just keep refining their sound, delivering consistently great punk rock. They are, after all, fans of this crazy genre like the rest of us. I have been sat here all night with this on repeat, and ‘Onward To Obscurity’, which features Poison Idea’s Jerry A, is already one of my favourite Night Birds songs. But then ‘White Noise Machine’ is now on and it’s taken my breath away, again. This is the best.
Fat Wreck  (Tony)

NOFX – Ribbed Live In A Dive – FAT 
Love them or loathe them, there are a handful of  NOFX albums which stand out from the pack as absolute classics and have spawned a million wannabe soundalikes who are never quite as good as the real thing – The War on Errorism and Punk in Drublic spring to mind, but most of all Ribbed. Released in 1991 as their third studio LP, Ribbed is where NOFX hone the harmony driven hardcore they have made their own. Mike’s vocals move from atonal warbling to a more sneering snotty delivery, they throw in a bit of ska and horns and generally pave the way for the arrival of El Hefe with head down punk rock anthems and a bit of pissing about (New Boobs for example). So, my first thought when I was handed Ribbed – live in a dive was, why bother making this when the original LP is so good? Surely it can’t be anywhere close to the version recorded by a bunch of tour hardened angry young men 27 years ago? I also don’t like live albums, or at least I think I don’t until people start naming good ones when I have to back down and concede that, yes, It’s Alive, The Dickies In London, Hanx, Turning Rebellion into Money, Entertaining Friends… are all great. Then I thought, what about the Subhumans – Live in a dive LP FAT released as part of the same series? That is damn good despite me knowing all the songs backwards and inside out. So I gave Ribbed - live an unbiased whirl, and you know what? It is a really good album. I’m not going to tell you it’s better than the classic version – I think even NOFX know that, given the self-depreciating banter between almost every song – but it really does stand up. It is different, and that is enough to make it a worthy ride. The first 3 songs (Green Corn, Moron Brothers and Shower days) are possibly the best on the record – both in terms of being great songs to start with, and being sharply delivered and with obvious enthusiasm by the band. They are rapid, punchy and maintain a spikey edge nearly 3 decades on. And the album continues apace right the way through to somewhere around Together in the Sand where Mike and Melvin seem to start realising the venture isn’t as fun as they thought it would be. The songs remain fast and tight as ever but the stage banter turns from “We nailed it!” to “Let’s get this over with”. The only real misadventure on the whole thing is I Don’t want you Around, which is a shame as I have always thought it is one of the stand out tracks. Vocal duties are handed over to Kody from Teenage Bottlerocket, who does a grand job, but it’s not Mike, and you quickly realise Mike’s voice is a big part of what make NOFX something special. Thankfully The Malachi Crunch ends the recording on a blistering high note. It’s hard not to write off this LP as an interesting side note (especially when the band keep doing it for you between songs), but it really does measure up to its legacy. It’s lost none of its pace and urgency, it is really well recorded and frankly, NOFX are a fucking great band. It might be one for the completists but well worth a listen just to remind yourself how tight NOFX are!
Fat Wreck  (Alan)

NOSEBLEED - Scratching Circles On The Dance Floor - TNS
Now this came out of the blue; Nosebleed are a new band to me, but it didn’t take long before the rockin’ punk rock grooves were jumping around in my head. Let’s try and paint the picture for you, imaging, if you will, The Saints, late ‘70s Irish punk, Misfits, those obscure, but wonderful UK punk singles of 1977 to 1979 and then mix that all together in your head, add some 21st century clarity and you have some idea of what Nosebleed sound like. 13 tracks of up tempo, catchy as hell, energetic punk rock n roll, all coming in at under the two and a half minute mark. This takes me back to my school days when the most important and exciting thing in the world was hearing a fantastic new song and counting the days and the pennies until you could afford to buy the record. I didn’t have to count the days or the pennies, I just damn well ordered this thing straight away. Go get it.
TNS (Tony)

OPEN CITY - City Of Ash 7” - self released
After self releasing one of the albums of 2017, Open City are back with a two track 7” to nicely round off the year. Taking the Torches To Rome template and bringing it up to date to produce urgent, edgy punk rock with impassioned vocals; the title track is the more instant, in your face of the two, with elements of Paint It Black understandably creeping in here and there, to add to the appeal. It’s actually the longer of the two tracks, but doesn’t feel that way, and quickly became a favourite. ‘A Condition Worth A Mention’ is more brooding and more menacing; the drums crash as the guitar goes from leading the song into wailing feedback while the bass grows in prominence until that and the vocals hammer to song onto your head. I have to admit that this slower song didn’t hit me straight away, like the A-Side did, but the more I play it the more it wraps itself around me, enveloping me with its power. This isn’t a record that I am just enjoying sonically, I am actually feeling these songs, like a hand closing round my soul. There’s genius at work here. I would really love to see this band live.
Open City  (Tony)

PARASITE– Reverberation CD – Boss Tuneage
I must admit, I didn’t think I was a fan of Parasite and kind of wrote them off after a brief listen to their Metal Punk Massacre 10” – too metal by a long streak for me. But when this package arrived via Mr Suspect I thought I would give them another chance and I am really glad I did. Reverberation sees Parasite take another baby step away from their Gism and Crust roots and although it is billed as ‘metal punk’ is even more metal than the stuff I had already heard – let’s face it, the majority of the tracks have more in common with NWBOHM bands like Judas Priest and Saxon than the likes of Discharge and Doom (not to mention the insane amounts of studded leather on show! Do these guys have shares in the Japanese steel and livestock industry?), but they still remain firmly crustified just because of Masaki’s amazing rasping vocals. Surprisingly for me, the move even further into metal territory gives them more of their own sound and strangely makes them way better than I remembered. Most of the tracks are rocking, riff-laden affairs with soaring twidley solos (think of bands like Doraid) but the spirit of older punk acts like Bastard and Amebix are still never far away. Doomsday for example is a mid-paced chugger which could come straight from the Amebix Monolith LP and is probably my favourite track on the album. Some of the tracks still retain a punky vibe, heavily influenced by Gism – Despair and Grave for example - but metal lurks in the wings and jumps into the limelight at any given opportunity. Morgue has more than a whiff of Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills about it, and Endless Tragedy opens with the sound of rain and church bells which are so reminiscent of Sabbath I half expected a few ‘please god help me’s! to be thrown into the lyrics (sadly they weren’t). It’s probably not what Parasite were aiming for, but for me the standout tracks on the CD version are the 3 additional recordings from their 2009 demo. These have more pace, distortion and general piss and vinegar than the album tracks and it is great that they are included. Densenbyou in particular is a cracker, full of touches of bands like Outo and Lip Cream from back in the day. It is also worth a mention that this is one of the last releases from the great Tadpole records. It is sad that it has come to an end but what a great back catalogue of records Darren has left in his wake – good work Sir! I’m clearly on the fence with this one, but all in all it is a gem of an LP. Some of the metal bits are lost on me, but they remain great tunes delivered as only Parasite know how. I have been listening to the album a lot on my travels, and you know what, I could be a convert!
Boss Tuneage  (Alan)

PIZZA TRAMP / THE DOMESTICS – Discipline 5" – Kibou, Mangel Wax, TNS, Punke Bjartes, Sick World
Your favourite friendly neighbourhood cheeky chappies and ner-do-wells have teamed up for this little gem of a 5” and it is a belter! 3 songs each side in under a minute make this a must for me and my terminal attention span deficit, and I was not disappointed. Each band has definitely bought their A game and crowbarred as much velocity and lairyness as is possible in such as brief space. Both sides hit the ground running like a runaway train full of hyperactive toddlers in full sugar-rush temper tantrum and the whole thing has a sense of urgency which reminds me very much of The Ergs Thrash Compactor 7”. There are tunes a-plenty and riffs to knock your socks off, but just very quickly. What makes it work so well is that these are fully formed songs, not just You Suffer but Why style knees to the groin. There are even Hardcore type breakdowns - as if there were all the time in the world before the needle skitters across the centre label (Pizza Tramp’s 'I’d do normal things and have normal hobbies like normal people but it’s all just so fucking boring', and The Domestics 'Shopping'). Pizza Tramp (as ever) win the award for the most ridiculous song titles, all of which you are still in the middle of reading when the song ends! –  'Went on a double funded Kickstarter holiday to the United States of America and all I  bought back was this shitty fucking album' for example – and Jimbob’s vocals are as wasted and warped as ever. The Domestics (also as ever) leave you in no doubt that they need a serious word with you and you are going to listen! With a more distorted and acerbic D-beat sound and a fist full of fuck offs! 'Fucking die' is a particular favourite. If you have 2 minutes to spare this little Frisbee is a stonker. I’m bored now. Things to do!!
TNS (Alan)

PIZZATRAMP - Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs - TNS
I saw Pizzatramp in Southampton with The Domestics, they were fast and funny and utterly fabulous. They remind me of The Stupids, lyrically they aren’t going to change the world (although you will find some social comment here), but their ferocious music is a joy; thankfully they are able to capture their live fury in the studio. Their songs are so infectious, and there’s something wonderful about a band that just plays every song as fast as possible, while still managing to make them catchy as hell. This release brings together their most recent EP and a compilation of tracks from the previous three, 23 tracks in all. If you have’t caught up with this band yet then this is the perfect introduction; it’s on nice coloured vinyl too, so what more do you want?
TNS (Tony)

THE PRIMALS - All Love Is True Love - Southern Lord
With the first line of the opening track being ‘If I know what I know, then I know this world is cruel’ you kind of expect a dark, almost uncomfortable listen. But this debut LP from The Primals is far from uncomfortable. Yes, it is quite dark in it’s sound but it’s incredibly catchy, tuneful, almost playful in the way the songs are played with fuzzy guitars, vocals that move effortlessly from screaming to singing and drums that are really tight. I don’t know whether you would call it punk bordering on hardcore or grunge being brought up to date, metal, grungy metal, whatever tag you want to put to it. There’s bits that remind me of Nirvana then some of the guitar work like on ’It’s Personal’ reminding me of Jets To Brazil on to the slower slightly haunting, by which I mean ’earworm’ melodies of ’Pity City’, these along with a couple of others - ‘Save Me Baby, ‘Dead Predators’ are the standout tracks for me. I didn’t know anything about the band so had to do a bit of googling and found they are John Henry on vocals and guitar (from Darkest Hour), Chad Fjerstad (from Dead To Fall) and Andrew Black (from The Explosion). I haven’t heard anything by Darkest Hour or Dead To Fall but I do like The Explosion and the three styles of melodic metalcore, death metal and punk rock from each member of the band go together really well. I have to admit I really like this and I really would like to think that because this is a debut LP, there will be lots more to come.
Southern Lord (Stuart)  

PURA MANIA - Cerebros Punk LP - Sabotage
I have had this for a while, La Vida Es Un MUs carried the Hysteria version and after the EPs and demo I’d heard on-line I had to snap it up. Sabotage have now given it a European release and you really need to own this record. Pura Manía are from Canada and Mexico, they sing in Spanish, but the quality of their music is international; a great blend of fast, melodic punk with a hint of Belgrado, a bass sound lifted from Blitz’s ‘New Age’ 7” and a bit of a Violators vibe too here and there. It’s not an easy sound to pin down, but all you need to know is that it is packed with hooks, energy and soaring tunes.
Sabotage (Tony)

RASH DECISION - Karoshi LP - multi label release
Rash Decision are a great live band; the speed and power of their songs is something to behold and they seem like decent chaps too. The first time I saw them I bought their ‘Seaside Resort To Violence / Headstrong’ LP, and although I like it, I don’t find myself going back to it all that often; ‘Karoshi’, however, came out of the blocks like a ballistic missile and demanded my instant attention. The 14 songs explode with an intense velocity that is hard to resist; really capturing their live ferocity, allowing you to experience the band at their best. There are times I am reminded of Grand Collapse, and then Pizza Tramp, but Rash Decision are no copyists, they are doing their own thing and are proving to be one of the UK’s best current bands. Not only is this album great musically, its release shows a great co-operative attitude with lots of great small DIY labels collaborating to get this out there; so thanks to Pumpkin, Kibou, TNS, Charlie's Big Ray Gun, Autonomonster, Shatterpunk, Let The Bastards Grind, Rip Roaring Shit Storm, Smegma and Angry Scenes for coming together to make this brilliant album available. I was lucky enough to get to hear this ahead of its release, and halfway through writing this review I had to pause to place my pre-order for the vinyl. I’m playing this daily at the moment, and it will definitely be an album I continue to listen too over the coming weeks, months and, I suspect, years.
Rash Decision (Tony)

REPULSIONE – Desecrating - Bandcamp
As much as I am a big fan of grindcore, I think it is fair to say it has had a chequered past and has sometimes explored avenues which are; at best assigned to history (I’m looking at you Hatebeak) and at worst downright abhorrent (Porngrind for example). I am pleased to say there are none of these shenanigans with Repulsione and what you get here is 14 tracks of classic, no fucking around, grind. With the exception of Last Man Standing and a bit of Selfish there aren’t even any Carcass style lead guitar twiddly bits, which is all good in my book. The LP starts with an atmospheric intro which sounds like you are about to be brutalised by a mob of undead (or perhaps I have been playing too much Skyrim recently) – which is not too far from the truth. If you like Insect Warfare or Brutal Truth this should float your boat. The blast beats are tight and blasty, with a popping piccolo snare which lends a powerviolence edge, and the vocals are as grunty as one could wish for – somewhere between Lee Dorian and Pig Destroyer. What is different is the guitar tone. A lot of grind bands trade on speed and in actual fact the distortion on the guitars is fairly low, but Repulsione are having none of that. The guitars here cut in and out like an angle grinder orchestra with precision timing and owe more to Japanese crust bands like Disclose and D-Clone than grind – check out the end of Sacrifice which is more stabby than a north London Council estate! Some of the intros and breakdowns are just as interesting. At times they owe a debt to Extreme Noise Terror, at others Doom, and Sacrifice even has a soupcon of Ministry to these old ears, but it’s the grind you came for and you won’t leave disappointed!
Repulsione (Alan) 

RUBELLA BALLET - Danger of Death CD - Overground
New album from the early 80’s Day-Glo anarcho punk survivors who are now down to a two piece in Sid and Zillah doing all the music and vocals themselves. Eleven tracks of drum machine driven fairly intense punk with political lyrics having a go at all the right stuff as far as we’re concerned here at SD. Probably not their greatest release as far as it goes for me but as genuine a punk band as you’ll ever meet. I remember helping to put them on many years ago, it was a rainy evening early in the week and that was enough to put all but the diehards off – not a problem for RB! They still turned up, played their stuff and just asked for their petrol money at the end. Respect is due.
Overground (Gaz)   

RUIN IT! - Locked Up Dead - Armageddon
Rhode Island’s Ruin It have delivered a 15 tracks of blistering hardcore. While it may appear, at first, to be just another hardcore punk release you soon realise that there is much more going on here, and the no nonsense, straight ahead fast hardcore, with the occasional heavy crunch, has depth to its unleashed rage. The gruff voiced, anguished lyrics deal with trying to find a path through this troubled world that we have created for ourselves, while the music is an adrenaline fuelled explosion that is almost impossible to resist; various influences fill my head, but just think of your favourite hard hitting, hardcore heroes and there’s probably a bit of them in this sound. These guys have been around a while, they have all been in other bands, they have all the right musical influences, they know their hardcore punk and they have brought all that together here. Great stuff.
Ruin It! (Tony)

THE RUN UP - Good Friends, Bad Luck EP - Real Ghost/Uncle M
A new band to me, nothing new there though. These guys are from Bristol which was a nice surprise as I had them down as American when I first listened, and this is the follow up to an album released in late 2017 apparently. So, this is a 5 track ep and is an extremely strong release I reckon, melodic, anthemic punk rock which has me thinking of Iron Chic and bands of that ilk, which is high praise indeed as I love the Chic! Production sounds spot on and very nice tattoo style artwork for the cover. First track is a short intro instrumental type thing then straight into 4 songs of which I can’t really pick a fave as they’re all really very good. Look this up if you like this type of thing, they have a bandcamp page.
Real Ghost  (si)

SANCTION THIS - We Are Abandoned LP - Grow Your Own
I got so excited when I saw this album was out that I couldn’t wait for the actual record to arrive, so I bought the download. In some ways I regret my haste; true, the music is great and I was glad I was getting to hear it, but I missed out on that thrill of getting the full package, and there is so much more to a GYO release than the songs. They have outdone themselves this time with the hand assembled sleeve and booklet; it is a true work of art. This morning when I sat listening to the album for the hundredth time but exploring the booklet for the first time, I got that sense of excitement and wonder I felt when I was a kid pouring over the sleeve of a new album. The feeling of being part of something, something great that the “normal’ people wouldn’t understand. Musically this is the all out assault take on anarcho punk that was first heard on Sanction This’ 7”; just heavier and more intense. There are some obvious influences if you sit and listen, but instead of thinking about that too much I’m preferring to just sit and listen to how they expertly fuse together all those elements to produce such a powerful, menacing sound that sounds both raw and totally accomplished at the same time. This is a bit different to the albums of short shape shocks that I tend to go for, with no song under the two minute mark, but none of them seem to drag and I feel engaged from start to finish. This is a brilliant album.
Grow Your Own (Tony)

SEWER TRENCH – Optimism – Wooaargh!
Sewer Trench walk a knife edge. The 11 tracks on Optimism have plenty of blast-beats but never quite enter grind territory, and breakdowns as chuggy and fat as they come but never quite get bogged down into full on sludge. What they deliver as a result is unbridled power with more than a touch of death metal thrown in for good measure. The vocals veer between larynx-shredding howls and despair-ridden bellows and the dirty guitar noise is reminiscent of Skit System or Shrykull with some seriously heavy riffs. For some reason there is also something about them that reminds me of Slug although I can’t quite put my finger on it. The bass breakdowns in Crippled Dying Fetus and the start of Happiness are so heavy and distorted it is like having a bucket mud and gravel chucked in your face. With song titles like Eyes that the Necrophagous Humus Shatters, Decomposing in the Dusk you get a good idea that Optimism may be a misnomer for this release, but there’s also a track called Comedy, and the aforementioned Happiness (neither of which sound anything other than soul-grindingly miserable) so its light and shade I suppose. My personal favourite is Prisoners which chugs along menacingly and makes me think of the Victims – In Blood LP. Sewer Trench sound like an unstoppable machine and this is a great little record if scowly faced nodding along is the order of the day. I also suspect they have a great deal more crushing to do before they are bought to a halt.
Wooaaargh (Alan) 

THE SPOILERS - Roundabouts - Boss Tuneage/etc
Now, I do like fast melodic punk rock and this is an LP of just that, fast, melodic punk rock. The tunes are infectious, great guitars and foot pumping drumming but sadly, for me the vocals are just a little bit too high pitched at times. The first track  (I didn’t realise I’d put Side 2 on first), kicks off with a great tempo and I’m thinking this is great then the vocals kick in and it sounds like the producer got the speed of the singers section on ‘45rpm rather than ‘33rpm. After that, it does get better, the speeds seem to match up and you find yourself enjoying what could have been a rather ‘samey’ LP sounding really good fun and well played. Then I put Side 1 on, more of the same fast infectious tuneage and the vocals did fit in a lot better, it’s growing on me. One thing that I find a bit disappointing is I feel like I’ve heard it all before, there’s inklings of early MC4, Chopper, Scarper, Snuff and quite a few other bands that I’d heard from Crackle Records. Not saying that’s a bad thing as this is done really well and I do like it, I just find myself these days looking for something that is a bit different and refreshing.  Sorry if this is sounding a bit negative, as the band, from what I can tell, are really hard working and have a big following and I probably will buy more records by them but they just wouldn’t be my first choice. Great LP if you like fast, tuneful and melodic punk rock.
Boss Tuneage  (Stuart)

STERILE MIND - Lift The Mask - Sabotage
Now this really hits the spot. Fast hardcore punk out of Oakland that has musical elements of both Paint It Black and Limp Wrist. That alone would explain why it resonated with me so quickly, but also there’s an added dash of Impalers like intensity to really seal the deal. The vocals have a bit of a Dan Yemin feel at times too, at other times they are more snotty; but either way they compliment the blazing punk perfectly. This is getting played a lot here at the moment.
Sabotage (Tony)

STRUCTURE - s/t 12” - Harbringer Sound
I have only just got myself a copy of this on vinyl, but I’ve been listening to it on-line constantly over the past couple few weeks. There may only be 6 tracks, they are are all stunningly good. Structure have a sound that reminds me of late ‘70s ‘post punk’ bands, particularly Gang Of Four (but there are also hints of Adam & The Ants’ first album and Siouxsie & The Banshees’ second album), with it’s angular guitar and almost tribal rhythm section, but it also has a real contemporary feel. The recording is great, each instrument cuts through and the vocal volume sits perfectly in the mix; but that doesn’t take away any of the drive or energy from the songs, instead they grab hold of you, forcing you to appreciate their sheer quality; each one of them, in turn, sounds like the best song you’ve ever heard. This is one of those rare records that I can listen to over and over and over without getting bored. If you haven't caught up with Structure yet, you really need to rectify that, like right now!
Structure (Tony)

TRAPPIST – Ancient Brewing Tactics – Relapse
This is without doubt my album of the year so far (and will take some beating in the remaining few months). Trappist combine so many of my favourite things in one ale saturated package I think a list of their key ingredients is in order!
1 – The band is comprised of members of such legendary Powerviolence and Fastcore bands as Spazz, Crom, Despise You and Infest.
2 – Actively casting that aside, they have produced an LP of raging D-beat and crust-inspired hardcore (although they revert to type on occasion for added velocity).
3 – Every song is about beer. Obsessively about beer. To the point where each track has its own beer pairing for the ultimate listening experience.
4 –They do it all with an inspired sense of humour.
5 – It comes on Cask Ale, Belgian golden ale, Schwarzbier or Empty pint glass coloured vinyl. What’s not to like!
Trappist manage all of the above without a shred of ‘novelty band’ about them. The tracks are beautifully crafted grenades of ferocity and whether they are extolling the virtues of Craft IPA or berating the Reinheitsgebot German purity laws every word is delivered with the serious vitriol of a Disfear anti-war rant. The LP starts as it means to go on. No soldier Left Behind is a rollicking D-beat attack on leaving the dregs of your pint in the glass (the humanity!!). There are a few other out and out Discharge inspired numbers on the record, Victim of a Bomber Raid being another stand out tune. But Trappist are not a one trick pony(keg) and often veer towards their faster roots with some blistering hardcore tunes. Some are proper noisy (Tesquino, Proost-op), others have breakdowns to die for (Swignorant, You’re the reason that I drink) and some are just downright bonkers (Nihamanchniamanchi, Final Gravity). So that just when you think you know what’s coming next, Trappist pull another switcheroo and give you something even better.
Snarling vocals, pounding distorted bass and ripping guitars lend the LP a Behind Enemy lines vs Municipal Waste feel (Tony Foresta even makes an appearance), filtered, of course, through any number of Dis bands. There is even a taste of UK82 Disorder and Chaos UK noisiness in places for the more sophisticated older drinker. And just in case you don’t get their influences, they crowbar puns and musical nods in all over the place – calling a song Wolves in the Taproom is genius, but there are also plays on Motorhead, Extreme Noise Terror, Anti-Cimex and others. This one has genuinely not left the turntable since it arrived. Raise a glass to Trappist! All hail the ale!
Relapse (Alan)

2 SICK MONKEYS - Into Oblivion - Shatterpunk/Urinal Vinyl/ Pumpkin etc
2 Sick Monkeys may be a two piece, with just drums, bass and vocals, but that doesn’t mean that these songs lack any sort to punch or power; they also have some friends sharing vocal duties on several tracks, and there is a nice bit of variety going on here. This is DIY punk in full effect, and the 20 songs ebb and flow, with some being straight up punkers, and others slower and more atmospheric, and I love the rumbling bass. This works particularly well on ‘The Boatman’ a song about refugees and the ridiculousness of dividing up the earth and telling people they cannot cross imaginary lines. It maybe a longer, slower song, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful, with duel vocals working really well: in places it has a bit of a Rudimentary Peni feel. Funny enough the other song to instantly stand out for me is ‘Blinko And I’, it’s sonically different, being faster and more direct, but these two songs are my favourites. However, that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying all the other songs too because they are all pretty damn great and this is a pretty impressive album. The band are calling it a day at the end of the year, and if this is their final studio recording then its a fine way to bow out. Seven or so labels have collaborated to make this release possible, and that is another big plus point for me. This is definitely something you’ll be wanting to buy I’d say.
Various (Tony)

UK SUBS – Predator/Master of the Stool & The Beast/Dark Matter 7" singles - Pledge
These came through the Pledge Music set up so unless you did that or see them on sale at a recent Subs gig like I did then I’m not sure how you would get hold of them easily without getting done on eBay?! 40 years of the Subs has not diminished their ability to release a good single and these two are right up there! The track Predator would be my pick but to be honest they are all good. Crisp and punchy guitar work with Charlie giving it his all making these a fine couple of additions to the Subs collection. Not sure it’s the greatest artwork on the covers but along with the continued use of colour vinyl the Subs continue to deliver a visual as well as audio experience with their releases – something which has not changed for 40 years either!
UK Subs (Gaz)

VANILLA POPPERS  - I Like Your Band 7” - Drunken Sailor
This is so good. Four songs of high energy punk with attitude soaked vocals that remind me a little of Macho Boys singer Tekiah. There is a garage punk feel here, but then and when I say Garage, I mean Hardcore Garage! I remember those early UK punk singles  from the late 1970s that sounded so damn exciting, but were really just speeded up, stripped down rock n roll riffs. Well, this EP takes that early UK punk sound and speeds it up further leaving us with a more raw, even more dynamic and refreshing sound. If you want an EP to give you that spine tingling, gut wrenching, adrenaline rush, then this is it. This is punk!
Drunken Sailor (Tony)

...The Message
Latest issue of this long running fanzine featuring Conflict US, The Violators and Sadistic Slobs. I think I’ve said it before about this fanzine in the past but all the right questions are asked of all the bands featured. I also have to be honest and say I had no idea that there was a US version of Conflict that formed around the time of our very own UK Conflict! Great questions asked of them and the Violators too. The third band featured are the Sadistic Slobs. They were from the North East of England and around from the early to mid 1980’s gigging quite a lot in that part of the world. They never released a record in that time but have returned in 2018 to try and put that right. This is a great zine and one I thought had called it a day but I was pleasantly surprised when writer David dropped me a line to say it was still going. I never know how much this actually costs because we trade but all info via the email address below.

4 MINUTE WARNING #17 A4 £2.00 & SAE
This is the most DIY fanzine that I know, with proper cut and paste, pages printed one side only and very little intervention from the Microsoft Corporation! Editor Mitch, although now in her 49th year still retains a fantastic and youthful enthusiasm for all things Punk and does not pull her punches with her opinions. This issue features excellent interviews with the UK Subs, The Exploited, D.O.A The Professionals, The Lab Rats, Vic Goddard and Republic of waste. There is also the age-old complaint from women about dancing at gigs and Mitch’s treatment at a recent Discharge gig while trying to enjoy the bands. Come on ‘men’ be ‘Gentlemen’ and respect everyone’s right to go and enjoy themselves at a gig. Sure, the music is often fast and loud but does it justify hitting everyone around you? I think not!
4MW, Mitch Elsden, 31 Fir Grove, Marton, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 6PJ (Gaz)

HEADWINDS #2 A4 £1.50 & SAE
I’m pleased to see another issue of this zine as it is just that little bit different. This issue has a couple of decent interviews with Culture Shock and The Proletariat but it also has comic strips! Plenty of reviews and columns too. Curious? Well support fanzines and send off for this one.

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